Charcoal Air Filter for Gas Tank

Subtitle:  Charcoal Air Filter for you Gas Tank

I have had a gas smell in my garage for some time now.  I know I don't have any gas leaks in my fuel system... no leaking gas tank, no leaking fuel lines, no leaking carburetors.  How do I know?  I have a new aluminum fuel tank, with a all new fuel lines, new AN fittings, and fuel injection..... and, I've crawled all over my car checking.  Where does the gas smell come from?.... gotta be the fresh air vent from the gas tank.  So what to do?....  

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Sound System

The "sound system" for a 60's vintage Healey, or for that matter any other British car, of that era was generally an AM radio with a built-in 4" speaker.  I know, I had one in my 1959 100/6.  I got mine from Sears.  It was terrific fun to be cruising down the road on a warm summer evening and be tuned into a local rock station.  Then when they played a current Beatles' song, I'd crank up the volume and drink in the moment... life was good... college, beautiful girlfriend, and a big Healey.  Things have changed a bit in the world since then... one of which is the on-board listening experience.

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Works Rally/Sebring Ducts

One of the harder decisions I've had to make regarding the "look" was whether or not to incorporate works (factory) ducts in my front shroud.  There were two reasons I had trouble with the decision: 1) Some works rally cars had them and some didn't.  2) I wasn't sure if I liked the look well enough to go to the effort to include them.  The works had the ducts to provide a direct source of fresh air for the oil cooler that was frequently used on works cars.  While I am not using an oil cooler, as anyone who owns an Austin Healey knows, the Healey 6 cylinder can always benefit from more fresh air.   

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Rally seats

Seats are a big deal for me.  Austin Healey seats don't have much lower back support.  Certainly that's no penetrating insight to anyone that's taken a long drive in their beloved Healey.  I know that for some of my friends this isn't an issue.  Lin Rose did an 8,000 mile tour (Going Mobile) without an issue.  That wouldn't have been my experience.  It isn't that I have major back issues, but I find my back is very picky about getting the support it wants on long drives.  We've purchased 2 new cars that gave me back aches after half an hour of driving.  Unfortunately, that isn't something you learn on a short test drive.  One of the cars we sold in a time period that was much quicker than we normally would have.  The other I took in to my favorite upholstery shop, Auto Weave Upholstery, and they redid the seat's support to my liking.  Then we put 140K comfortable miles on the car.  The point being seats can have a big impact on one's driving satisfaction level and the finished project.  

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Project Menu

The following is a menu of Project Papers in this Projects section.  They are listed in order by date originally published.  I should note that they were not published in the order I did the projects.....the write-ups were done when I got motivated to generate a piece on the project.  The "Link to Project" will take you directly to the Project Paper.  The Project Papers may also be accessed by paging through the Projects section and clicking on the desired Project Paper.

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