Works Rally gas tank

My Works Rally aluminum gas tank was built by the folks at Rick's Hot Rod Shop in El Paso, Tx.  Rick's specializes in custom fuel tanks.  They took my cardboard mock up and converted it into a beautiful aluminum piece. 

Mine has an in-tank EFI high pressure fuel pump with both supply and return lines.  I designed the tank to resemble the pictures I have seen of the tanks that were used in the Works rally cars.  Many of the European rally's of the day covered hundreds of miles over many days, and frequently there was a need for a greater fuel capacity than what the standard fuel tank provided.  The answer was to increase the standard tank by raising a portion, while still allowing for the spare tire to fit. 

Pic #1, shows the final configuration of the aluminum Works rally tank.  It has about 18 gallons capacity.  The supply and return lines are hidden by the aluminum black wrinkle finished panel.  I built this panel to hide the obviously high tech nature of the tanks internals.  I went with an in-tank high pressure pump because of my EFI installation.  While I could have used an external pump with my EFI, in-tank pumps typically run cooler and have longer lives than external pumps.  It should be noted that the high pressure pump requires the use of a fuel pressure regulator to ensure that the correct pressure is available.  My EFI system likes a consistent 42 PSI available at all times. 

Pic #2, has the finish panel removed and you can see the supply and return lines from the high pressure pump.  The fittings are all -6 AN fittings and the lines are Kevlar.  The Kevlar covering is extremely robust and, since it's black with a red tracer, it looks a bit more period than a braided stainless steel line.  Kevlar is used as the covering for bullet proof vests....that should tell you something of its strength.  I used bulkhead fittings to the rear firewall. 

 Pic #3, This picture was taken during the contruction.  Since the raised portion of the tank alters the angle to the fuel filler in the shroud, I had to build an adapter to step from the Works tanks to the fuel filler outlet.  This could probably have been done with a suitable rubber coupler, but the metal coupler makes for tidy packaging.  Ultimately, this is behind the finish panel so one could argue that a rubber coupler would be fine......but, I don't always take the easiest path.


 Pic #4, I will be using a Works style quick fill gas cap. 


This project paper was originally posted in March 2009.

Steve Thomton