Dead pedal and pedal positioning

Seeking a more comfortable pedal configuration for long distance drives and spirited drives through the mountains has caused me to rethink all three pedals and the dimmer switch.  First, I decided that the need for a place to put my left foot on long drives had to be addressed. 

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Works Rally side vents

The Works Competition Department of Austin Healey quickly discovered that they needed more ventilation to cool the big 6 Healey engine when competing in international rallies.  One of the solutions was to install vents in the fenders (wings) to allow the underhood heat to escape.  These vents became associated with competition Healeys.  As I am replicating the look of those Works rally cars, I needed to make this modification to my car. 

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Cruise Control

About a year ago (mid-2008), after reading Lin Rose's paper on cruise control, I decided that I wanted this addition to my Austin Healey Works Rally replica which is intended to have grand touring functionality.  I don't plan to revisit what Lin has already contributed in his well presented material.  I will touch on the differences in my installation and application.   

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Works Rally skid plate

Works rally cars' engine oil pans were vulnerable and needed protection from the elements....namely bad roads, rocks, and other obstacles.  The best protection was, and is, a plate that covers it.  I built a skid plate to remedy this exposed critical appendage on our lovingly low Healeys.

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Suspension and chassis upgrades

I'll begin by discussing the goal of my suspension and chassis suspension upgrades.  I am not looking for a racing level handling.  I want crisp touring handling that is equally comfortable on brisk drives through mountain passes (I live in Colorado). 

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