A/C Installation

  There are three major components required for air conditioning your Austin Healey, the first is the compressor mounting, the second is the choice of an aftermarket A/C unit, and the third is the condenser selection.  This may be an over simplification, but if you don't get these right the system could be problematic (read, a failure).   

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Austin Healey Electronic Fuel Injection

This paper discusses the final configuration of my Austin Healey 3000 MKII electronic fuel injection (EFI) project and some of the technical issues associated with this project.  One of the objectives of this installation was, to the extent possible, have the EFI system reasonably stealthy.....meaning that when you open the hood (bonnet) the casual observer would not notice anything glaringly high tech.  I am not an engineer, so if you have issues with the content, understand that I am sharing what I've learned with the single goal of documenting my experiences, if that shortens your learning curve...good.  If you know more than I do about the subject....great! 

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5 Speed Conversion

I converted from my stock 4 speed w/OD to a 5 speed using a "Healey 5-Speed" transmission conversion kit from Pete Delany.  I actually bought the kit from the original owner, Smitty, but didn't get around to installing it until Pete had purchased the business.  Pete was extremely helpful once I got around to installing the kit.  I will add pics of mine at some point, but rather than reinvent the wheel I will direct you to a great write-up of the conversion project by Tracy Drummond (Link to project).  Tracy's write-up hits on everything that I did.