Paint, final finishing

Following a bit of time off after painting the car to let the paint fully cure... I began the sanding and buffing process.  Before I get into that, I'll share with you what paint products I used.  I stayed with all PPG products to ensure I'm consistent with the chemistry of the paint products.  You may choose another supplier for your paint, and if you do, I strongly urge you to use the primer,sealer,paint, and clear that they recommend.  If you have conflicts in the chemical make up of the products, you can potentially waste a ton of time and money trying to fix it. 

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Works rally rear bumperettes

Works rally cars were as light as the BMC Competition Department could make them within the prevailing rally regulations.  To that end, when the rules allowed, the works cars ran without a full rear bumper and, instead, used the bumperettes that were out of the parts bin of their smaller brother the AH Sprite.  These small uprights provide a bit of protection and weigh consideralby less than an entire big Healey bumper.  I wanted these on my car. 

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Electrical compartment

As I began developing my plans for my restoration (with personalizations), I was faced with the challenge of deciding where to house the electrical upgrades while making them still accessible.  Since I am building a works rally replica, I've studied these cars rather extensively.  None of them use the rear jump seats as seats.....and since, in almost any scenario, the rear jump seats would not be an accepted location to ride in today's world.... I looked there for my inspiration.  Ultimately, what I decided was to build an electronic compartment in that area.  I've build it in a fashion similar to that of the rear access panel in BN6-7's. 

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Tunnel modifications for 5-speed conversion

I've installed a 5-speed conversion in my BJ7.  The Toyota 5-speed is a much smaller package than the Austin Healey transmission in general, and a bunch smaller than the center shift 4-speed with overdrive combination.  This smaller packaging provides the opportunity to pick up a bit more space inside the Healey cabin.

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Works Rally driving light mounts

  Works rally cars always ran auxiliary lights, so this naturally played into my rally car replica theme.  Driving light stanchions come in many variations and are available from a number of notable sources.  Given that, one might ask why I bothered to make my own.  The answer is that I was looking for something that was robust to the extreme, functional, and elegant in a utilitarian kind of way.   

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